Stak Bots was created by Tom Norfolk as a means of entertainment to pass the down time while touring and performing with a travelling circus. It took several years of evolution and the game experienced a number of vastly different forms and mechanics before it settled as it is now. It has had countless hours of playtesting and refinement based on feedback from many extremely patient and helpful friends! We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

The Yellow Expansion

There were so many requests for more Bot cards that a Kickstarter project was launched to get them out of the factory sooner.

The expansion and all its lovely new shiny Bots and game variations would not have been possible without all of the awesome people below pledging their support and their monies; many people went out of their way to help make this happen and it really is appreciated.

A massive thank you to all of the following!:

The ever-patient and supportive family, Sarah “Stakhappy” Hattee, Lightwood Games, The Legendary Daniel Gertig, Ed Churchman, Danny van der Kraan, Mbuzu Kyoto the Clown, Tony Butcher, Geraint Evans, Cris, Nick Gave This A Good Kicking, Matt Trindall, Carol Hattee, Keith Hattee, Jeannine Chang, Stephen W Farquhar, Ulf Göransson, Andy, Jerome Franklin-Ryan, Thanatos, Peter “Wizball” Wilson, Mat Harvey, Sam MASH!, Sara Amanda and Wendy Hoffman, Dr. Mike Reddy, Richard Stubbs, Mike Barnes, Paul D Cardandpixel, Mick Sullivan, Windrant, Mike Kemler, Paul Mansfield, Lee M, James Cruise, Jake the board gaming robot from the future, Owen Jenkins, GazH, Chris Bowler, Angus Looney, Cristiano Cozzolino, Teppo Pennanen, The Anderson Family, Chris Teunissen, Malc Arnold, Kevin Myles, Stuart McIntosh, Chris Wilkes, David King, João Messias, Gemma Read, Tracey Willis, Pete Loveridge, BLASTOR!, neko_cam, RunamuqATL, Rutger “BorisjeNL”, Barry Nixon, Huzzer, Jamie C., Stuart D, Michael Woodcock, Christopher Seaton, Torec & Sylvia, Mike Youtz, Sarah Wingate, Holly R. Keas, Nikki Farris, Chris Drew, Teo Edwards, Jeroen Doumen, Charles Pearson, Michel Hermans, Matthew Cowles, Pitikul, Sergio Rodriguez Yanes, Steve Lord, Louie Carratt, Jonathon, A family of voles who taught me the meaning of love, Steven Sartain, Peter Rönnmo, Scrowe, Rob van der Post, Michael Morris, tkok, Sue Elliott, Isabella Crudo, Brian Robson, B. Dexter, Mike Phillips, Abble Games, Chris Ziar, Ed Pratt and Those who wished to remain Anon.

The Red Set

Since the release of the Yellow expansion, a lot of time was put into creating a new set that would both function on its own, but also integrate well with the original two sets. In June 2016 we launched the Kickstarter campaign to get the Red Set into print and thankfully we funded!

This was only possible due to backing from the following amazing people (it was lovely to see so many returning faces, both people from the previous campaign and also people that we’d met in person gaming!):

Once again the brilliant support of the Family and Friends, Richard Lambert, Geraint Evans, Andrew “World Champion” Brooke-Taylor, Andy N, Steven weller, Kris Gould, Snorky Snatchell, Mick Sullivan, Nate Johnson, Simon Worger, Pieter Wens, James Cruise, agentOrange, Michael Körbis, Ozzy Beck, Chris Newman, Phil Campbell, Martin Lampitt, Scribes, Purple Stuart, Galo Paz, Patrick Heron, Jake the boardgaming robot from the future, Dirk Haun, Luke Almond, Mark Hutton, Steve Sartain, Patrick Leonard, Ramesh Berkhout, Alan Brookland, Dr. Mike Reddy, Mikolaj Laczynski, Ed Churchman, Chris Bowler, Daniel, Brian Robson, Nick Treacher, Risto Malmstedt, Chris Wilkes, The Farquhars, Simply BoardGames, Barry Nixon, Ulf Göransson, Oubliette, Jeroen Doumen, Tony Butcher, João Messias, Blake, P J Harvey, Boris the spider, jeodesic.jmc@gmail.com, Danny, Priya Fields, Ron Quek, James Dean, acclimative, Sally Webb, E Sincoff, Gary Cambell-Smith (KD Games), Russ Carleton, Andy Thul, Bazz, YESSSSS!!! “Fleming P.”, Ronald van Rheenen, Alice Rees, René Walter, nick murphy cunningham, Mick Haigh, simonhpw@googlemail.com, The Hope Family (AGCD), Chris Harding, Dj Dano, Darren Green, cris, Paul Boos, Daniel Bates, dave.barnett@jollygood.org.uk, Daryl McLaurine, Ph.D., Red Dice Games, George Sharp, Andrew Chapman, Aaron Schilling, Chris & Daisy Swaffer, Tom Lines, Florian Schlicht, Rutger ter Maten, Ted Govostis, Graham Harrison, DKRaptor, Rhianne Stevens, Sue Elliott, Odyssey Vekshin, Simon Crowe, Paul Mansfield, Roger Guest, Owen & Ewan, Henry Jasper, Mike Nudd, Jonathan Harden, Theo Clarke, phyphor, Jonathan Richardson, Thomas Needham, Lucy Lambert, Mike Bliss, Christos Karanikas, Farrago, bobtron2000, Matt Adlard, Cameron Taylor, Elizabeth Brancazio, Paula Owen, Timothy Lloyd, James LaRue, Paul Gillibrand, Ian White, lumpfishy, John Iding, Kev Brown, Steven White, Northumbria Games, Adelaide Andrews, Stephen Hegarty, Elliott Weights, Jack Sturgess, Joseph W Horton, BoBo, Aaroni Bashoni, Michelle VanSetten, Andrew Torrens, Mikebox, The Lawrance Gals, Abba Games, Lewis Johnson, Billy Walmsley, Binh Au, Lauri Perttula, Anxious Bot, Elana Underwood, Jack Gulick, Simon Proctor, Selwyn Ward, Mark, Newt Newport, James Brown, Fred Joly, Herman Duyker, Tijn ‘Subcultures’ Rams, Martijn Poels, Emma Sheridan, Joshua Riordan, Zelda, Louis Magee, Kyle Blaine Castle, sorum4@hotmail.com, Sebastien Haezebrouck, Joshua Wong (wwW.MY), Steph Wyeth, Tony Hoffmann, IanBr71, Madbeard Games, Russell Dines, David Parr, Marc Shotter, Peter “Wizball” Wilson, Michael Cortez, Ian Ballard, Jerry Elsmore, Jeff Lewis – Genetic Gear Games, Braeden Jones, Jimmy Ward, Mark Platte, magnettoa@aol.com, Lok Fai Cheung, Dave Hansson, Maero Effendi, Steve Lord, Sean Jackson, Scott Middleton, Dave Ballard, Donald gardner, Barry Monkey, BK Dexter, Thanos Kotsiopoulos, Dr Wesley Sughrue, Nick Farris, Matt Trindall and Those who wished to remain Anon.