Card and Pixel Blog review of Stak Bots

Paul has written a very lovely review of Stak Bots on his Card and Pixel Blog.

A brief highlight from the conclusion:

“This game has already become a firm favourite in a very short period of time, and we heartily recommend it. The artwork is beautifully elegant and simple, the rules are straightforward and simple (though a little subtle sometimes), and the gameplay is frantic, exciting and engaging.”


And my favourite bits:

“Nothing screams ‘future’ like a robot for me and it’s a constant disappointment that they’re still not yet running around delivering pizza.”

“StakBotS is one of those rare games that almost demands to be replayed the minute you have lost. You just KNOW what went wrong (you probably don’t) and you KNOW  you can get it right next time (you probably won’t).

The game seems well balanced between rewarding good and complex strategies, but also throwing enough of a randomness into the game to mean that novice players won’t feel necessarily out-gunned. As in any good game the randomness always feels like it is aimed squarely at you, and the world and the game hate you.”

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