Dragonmeet 2014

We’ve just arrived back from our little adventure in London for Dragonmeet 2014!

It was great to see so many people turn-up to this event! 1500+ I believe I heard the noisy tannoy man announce!

As well as meeting lots of new players, it was great to meet some returning faces and Kickstarter supporters who I’d only previously had contact with online.

One of the upshots of having more experienced players was that we were able to play some of the different game modes throughout the day, rather than just endless single Stak games! As usual I got bullied out of any 4-player games that happened (why do they always pick on the guy who made the game?!), but the ensuing mayhem was fun to watch. We also managed to play a little X-Ray Mode (where all of the cards are visible, and you offset them to show when they’re face-up. Watch this Video link to learn more), with a player who wanted a bit less randomness in the game.

As usual I hardly got to see any of the rest of the convention, but I generally take this to be a good sign as it means we were busy playing at the stand! I did manage to catch-up with a few people though and even managed to return with a couple of games including extra sets of the awesome lords of war and a fun-looking prototype from Rack & Pinion. Also managed to squeeze in an interview with the guys at Rollin’ Dice about the benefits of digital vs physical gaming and met the flat-capped face of Dark Cleo Productions.

So all in all a great event, well done to the organisers for expertly gathering and handling so many people and we’ll hopefully see you all there next year!


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