Into Round 4…

Having just finished round 3 this morning, we already have a couple of results for round 4!

Kalipto is still unbeaten, after four games…

Remember, the top 4 placed will go through to the knockout finals to determine the end positions. There’s just this round then one more, so make it count!

Best of luck with the rest of your games! I shall leave you with another gritty match report from DoctorMike!

Geraint’s picture shows that this game finished as close as you can get, with a power 1 Core Bot on sudden death!


Round 2 (vs Geraint)
All three matches were with basic decks, all three were “edge of the seat” close, and all were played very fast.

In the first game, we were down to the wire with the last few cards, but Geraint used a pack of BashBots against a fairly poor show of weedy cards on my part, and my stack was down to nothing. Sometimes it is better to discard weak cards, rather than leave them for the opponent to exploit. One down!

The second game was even closer, but minimising losses won out with a handy ReaperBot came in (probably just before Sudden Death) when we were both down to a couple of cards between us. At one point, I was convinced Geraint had me, when he FatalBotted my second to last card, a strong StompBot I was relying on to protect me Fortunately, my next draw (almost certainly the last before Sudden Death would have begun) was able to just swing the victory. One all!

Geraint was clearly an experienced and cunning opponent. Could luck or great play bring it home, as it had in Round One? I was on the ropes, due to the rapid back and forth; the games had been so fast they had the feel of face to face combat, with my moves being answered almost before I could wipe my brow!

The third and final game was a bitter struggle with some impossible choices. Play ClumsyBots and weaken my own stack, or juggle ShotBots with another hand of low pore cards to eat away at him. Where I made my mistake was not throwing away a ClumsyBot – I didn’t know before today that you could discard from your hand rather than the stack, until I saw it in a simultaneous game – but it skulked there in my hand, unplayable until the end. The remainder of my cards were outgunned, but only barely. What should I have done differently? Well, now I know to eject ClumsyBots early rather than be forced (or scared) to play them later.

So, down by 2 to 1, but all three were bitter struggles, the way a combat game should be. So, I’m 1-1-0 for Round 3 and mid-pack (stack?) with Geraint out on top with 2-0-0! Damn you Geraint! Mind you, Geraint IS the name of a heroic Welsh warrior, and there’s no dishonour in being beaten by the best!

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