‘Breakout’ – Puzzle game on desktop



Utilise the myriad of different Bot abilities and effects, and use them in combination with attacks to destroy the enemy Bots. Along the way you will free your allies, who will join you in the fight, but the timing of when you choose to free them can be crucial.

Featuring 230+ levels broken down into different sets, learn how to use each Bot in turn and then apply your new knowledge in the following levels. Some levels are little set puzzles with one set path to victory, while others are sprawling complexities with a ridiculous number of combinations. Each level tracks how many Bots you have surviving, so even if you manage to defeat all the opposition, you may be able to do it in a better way to save more of your team.

A detailed level designer also allows you to create your own puzzles for others to try… once you’ve managed to beat them yourself of course.

The game also features a lovely soundtrack specially made for the game by Smoke Thief. 


IOS  – Stak Bots Battling Robots Card Game


Get Stak Bots on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch! Just click the Core Bot above!

It has almost all of the Bots from the Original and Yellow sets, plus a few exclusive Bots like Grappling Bot!

This is an a-synchronous 2 player version of the game, so your opponent doesn’t have to be online at the same time as you to play! It also features pass and play and practice mode for offline play.

If you are looking for someone to challenge on the app, try entering a random one of these usernames:

Tom, BuzzBuzz, AgentOrange, Geraint, UrbanChaos, DoctorMike, Seven9zero, MrTree, Sarah

Desktop: PC/Mac – Stak Bots Drones

drones and bloks-03

This is a frequently updated beta version of the solo game of Stak Bots. You battle your Stak against a non-attacking drone Stak, with a slightly different turn structure to the normal game.

There is lots planned for this game including multiple Staks; check out the exciting to do list in the description!

Desktop: PC/Mac – Stak Bots Bloks

drones and bloks-04

Play through 80+ levels of Blok-busting mayhem in this physics based game. 
Use the abilities and effects of the Bots to rid the levels of the Blue Bloks.
It’s a fun mix of experimentation and luck!
Beat your scores, get 3 stars in a row of levels to unlock the bonus level!

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