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Play Board Games:

“Stak Bots is a hidden gem that you really should check out. It is a great filler for game nights and fun for families.”

“Stak Bots is a quick, fun card game that can be enjoyed by a variety of ages. It is easy to teach and learn and very portable. Plus all the different play modes keep this game fresh.”

Player Interaction: 6/6. Overall: 5/6.

Who Dares Rolls:

“Had I not sat down and given this a try I would have missed out on a brilliant strategic yet deceptively simple little card game. I loved this, this is the sort of filler game my group eats up.”


“Stak Bots has easily become my filler game of choice

Card and Pixel Blog:

“StakBotS is one of those rare games that almost demands to be replayed the minute you have lost.”

“This game has already become a firm favourite in a very short period of time, and we heartily recommend it.”

“The gameplay is frantic, exciting and engaging.”

Board Game Geek Forum Review – Stack and Attack: The battle of the Bots is in your hands

“There is a delightful element of randomness, but you do have to work out when to play a certain card, when to hold back or even sacrifice a card for the greater good. (Don’t worry, these bot’s sole purpose in life is to fight for your own insane pleasure.) Play well and you can unleash a chain of ‘robo fury’ that will decimate an opponent’s deck in seconds.”

The Dice Tower: 

“I was pleasantly surprised by this game… It’s fast, it’s quick, it’s really easy to teach and play… It has a good amount of replayability.”

“I like Clumsy Bot. Clumsy Bot is my friend.”

Father Geek:

The Bots were well-loved by the little geeks who went to war with them again and again.”

Child Geek Approved.

Casual Game Revolution:

“There is more than meets the eye in this small card game. There is plenty of opportunity for strategising” – “The game is very easy to pick up and learn for the standard game, but offers the depth when more specialist bots are added to your stak (these are removed from the standard game).

It is a good game to introduce children to the world of battle card gaming, while older players will love the fact that the game can be more tactical when playing somebody of a similar skill level.”

Other Snippets:

“I genuinely think StakBotS is one of the best card games I’ve played in recent years.”

“My goodness, what a lot of time we lost to Stak Bots today… :)”

“Bute of a game. Simple to play, tactically challenging, infinitely addictive. I bought 2 decks at the Expo launch and wish I’d bought more. Can’t wait for the expansion packs. Great Game Guys. ”

“Purchased at the UK Games Expo and have lost a lot of time to it ever since! Played lots of 2 players battles and love the way the game swings so even if you feel like you have the advantage this can quickly change!”

“Saw you guys at games expo, bought a deck. The wife and I love it! Keep up the good work!”

“Bloomin’ well love this game!”

“Stak Bots was easily the best 5 quid I spent the entire weekend. My pick as the sleeper hit of UK Games Expo 2013 — great game, guys!”

“Just to let you know, my 40 year old other half and our 6 year old son ABSOLUTELY LOVE the game, and I love the peace & quiet.”

Thanks for this little marvel of a game.”

“I have really enjoyed using them so far!! I’ve had the original set for years and finally decided to invest in the expansions! It’s honestly mine and my girlfriends favorite card game!! There really isn’t another game like it!! I know it’s a bit confusing to new players but I honestly don’t understand how the game isn’t more popular than it is!!! Amazing game, Love it!!”