A characteristic of the card that affects what happens when it battles another card
Play/Scrap/Attack. Carry out any combination of these on your turn
Action taken by your top card against the top card of another Stak
Bottom card
The last card in a Stak
This is caused when one card battles another card. It does not affect the power of the card
Entry effect
Some cards have effects which occur when they are played from your hand or when they turn face-up at the top of a Stak
Feed the
At least one card must get scrapped every turn. It can belong to any player
Play a card
Place a card from your hand face-up on the top of your Stak
How much damage a card can deal and also how much damage it can take before it scraps
How strong a card is in the game, compared to the other cards
A card moves from a Stak into the scrapheap
The face-up discard pile for scrapped or discarded cards
The information panel on each card
The pile of cards on the table from which you play
Supply pile
The pile for drawing cards from (if it runs out, shuffle the scrapheap; place it face-down as the new supply pile)
Top card
The topmost card of a Stak. It must always be face-up. If you only have one card left it is also your bottom card

* This symbol means a Bot’s ability takes effect when it damages another card

A This ability takes effect when the card attacks