Q: How many players?

A: 2-4 players generally, but with more experienced players you can play with more people. This is because having more players adds more decisions and with new players the game can slow down and lose focus.

You can also try dividing into teams and there is a one-player version of the game as well!

Q: How long does the game take?

A: As long as you have time for! By changing the game type, how deep the Staks are, how many players there are, what Toggles you are using etc, you can change how long the game is likely to take. There is an element of luck in the game with card combinations, so you will occasionally get games that either finish really quickly or that run on longer than expected.

A 2-player game with single Staks will take 5-15 minutes, depending on experience and the cards that come up.

A 4-player game with 2 Staks will take 15-40 minutes, again depending on the players and the cards!


Q: What age is the game suitable for?

A: We’ve had kids as young as 7 playing it with adult assistance, through to pensioners. People seem to enjoy destroying each other’s Staks no matter what age they are! The game is very customisable so you can adjust how complex it is to either  suit kids or those who favour lots of strategic decisions.


Q: Does one box include everything I need?

A: One set has everything you need and has enough cards for up to 6 players (with more players you will have to play with shallower Staks). If you want to play with lots of players with multiple Staks or have really deep Staks, then you may wish to buy a second set and mix them together. This also allows you to experiment with what cards you play with, for example removing all the grey cards and still have enough left in the deck to play with.


Q: Lots of entry effects triggered at the start of the game and half of the cards are already destroyed! Is this right?

A: Yes. Oh yes. This can occasionally happen and is part of the chaotic nature of the game.


Q: I got defeated and I didn’t even get to take a turn. Wah. What do I do?

A: Get your revenge.

You could also try playing with deeper Staks, or try playing with the Reactive Toggle; this will allow you to play cards defensively from your hand.


Q: When will there be new cards?

A: New Bots are constantly under development! Keep an eye on the website or our twitter and Facebook pages.


Q: What happens if I attack with a power 0 card?

A: Your card will deal 0 damage. If you battle a card that also has 0 power, then nothing will happen. If their card has power greater than 0, then it will damage and destroy your card. Remember: cards that battle damage each other at the same time, for an amount equal to their power number.


Q: During a turn, can the chosen attack Bot continue to attack if it is no longer the top Bot in the Stak?

A: Only the top card can ever attack; if your chosen attack Bot is below other cards, then scrap or play cards until it is the top card again, then you may continue attacking with it.