Rank Building one on one

With the appearance of the expansion pack, custom-built decks have become far more versatile!

Match 1


We constructed our decks from a set of 4 packs each (2x original, 2x expansion), using the rank building method: 10 of each rank, total 60 cards.

We played single Stak, 9 down and 3 in hand, with Reactive Play.

Sarah’s Deck

Sarah’s deck on the left went for a very balanced mix of cards: some strong Stomp and Core Bots, backed up by lots of destructive entry effects (plenty of Cannonballs and Shots) and a few of the quirkier cards (Invisi Bot, Nano Bot) that can be devastating in the right situation, but otherwise get taken out easily.

My Deck

My deck on the right was built around control cards (Levi Bot, Pit Bot, Portal Bot, Callout Bot) with the aim of manoeuvring their Stak and punishing them with Bash Bots. There were also lots of Fatal Bots to deal with any powerful Bot threats.

The Result

Sadly my deck never really got going; the Callout Bots appeared when Sarah had an empty hand, or Pit Bots when I had no Bash to follow up with. The games were fairly close but I got beaten 2-1 in the end. I definitely needed more Bash in this deck.

Match 2


For the second match Sarah stuck with the same victorious deck, while I constructed a completely new one!

This one is based around the numerous Anchor Bots and Bountiful Bots, which work to support the Leader (and Stomp Leader) Bots and Greedy Bots.

The Result

I fell behind 2-0 but managed to make a nice comeback to win 4-3.

When the deck worked, it was pretty much invincible; once my Stak was all face-up with a load of Anchor Bots at the bottom and several Leader Bots at the top, with Bountiful Bots firing off to allow me a full hand to adapt to her cards, there wasn’t much that could be done. The only real problem was when I started with a handful of Anchor Bots so had no way of defending myself, or when her Nano Bot appeared and cleaned through all of my high-powered cards! For improvement I’d stick in a few more Bountiful Bots as this deck really suffers in Reactive Play and more cards are always helpful to boost the Leader Bots.

We’ll see if she can come up with something to deal with this deck…

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